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Century L1A1 Help with Kilinton thumbhole stock

With help.. Mastered it..

Wow... I am in the process of switching out the Klinton thumbhole stock that came with the Century Arms L1A1.. I had no problem until it came time to remove the screw directly behind the trigger that goes into the grip..
I cant for the life of me figure out how to remove this screw to install my standard pistol grip.. Anyone go thru this process on a Century Arms L1A1 with a thumbhole stock already?

I have added photo's. The screw that screws me..

Here is the thumbhole stock (cut to transport to my State..)

Any help would be awesome.. I am determined..

Thank again in advance..
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no problem...unscrew the screw at the bottom of the pistol grip...this is the popsicle stick you may have heard about....this removes the trigger guard and popsicle remove the stock....if you dont have the stock removal tool get one.....seperate the 2 halves before doing all of this helps....after you seperate the 2 halves and have loosened the stock there is one more screw to remove.....looking down into the lower where the trigger is you will see the hammer spring assembly....looks like a bar going into the hammer....pop that out....there will be a screw holding the pistol grip in.....remove this, that allows you to remove the stock and pistol grip....which allows you to remove the trigger return spring you have in your first pic....

i had 2 of these i converted to regular config...i recommend getting an un neutered lower as the one you have will have the pistol grip stud ground off...another lower just makes it easier...
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Yes, the original grip stud was probably ground off when it was converted to the thumbhole config by Century.

You can replace the whole lower, but I just used an add-on "tophat" style stud on mine, and it worked just fine. They're cheap, too, at $7.99.

You can order one from Gun Parts Guy:
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Re: Century L1A1 Help with Kilinton thumbhole stock

Originally posted by win2000jr

Here is the thumbhole stock (cut to transport to my State..)
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